Love Yourself 

I could go on for days on the things that I wish I was. I mean we all wish we were skinnier, prettier, richer, had more friends, had that perfect boyfriend, etc…. But let me tell you that all of those things don’t matter. God made you perfect the way you are. In life there is no reason to stress about these silly things because stressing isn’t going to get you anywhere. All it will get you is more wrinkles and an unhappy life. So of course the thing we have to do is learn to accept ourselves and every thing that we were born with. 

Learning to love ourselves is simple. There is just one rule: Don’t worry what others think! Yeah easier said than done right! We live in a society where everyone judges based on looks. We think that if someone dresses differently than us then they are weird or “lame” but, really everyone likes different things. Some people don’t enjoy getting dressed up all the time like others. Not everyone you meet in your life is going to be the same as you. Don’t think that you have to dress a certain way to please other people. Do what makes you happy and you’ll learn to love your self and the life God has blessed you with. Do you really think that ten years later it’s going to matter what your wore to school yesterday or what you wore to that party the other night? Well I’ll answer that for you…. The answer is no. The only thing you’ll look back and regret is why did you try and please everyone but yourself. Also, your Instagram or Twitter follower numbers don’t matter. Whether you have 10,000 followers or 10 followers God loves everyone the same. Just because someone may have more than you doesn’t make them any better than you. To me who cares about likes or followers because sometimes the people with the most likes can be the unhappiest of people.  None of this stuff matter. Do what makes you happy because in the end it’s the only thing you’re going to have left. 

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