Hurricane Katrina

Source: Weekly Links

It’s the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which has had a long-term impact on primarily black, low-income New Orleans residents.

Talk of a “solution”, be it one state or two states, in Israel and Palestine presupposes that change is imminent. The continuation of the status quo, in which Israel becomes decreasingly democratic, is most likely. The New York Times also hasan interactive feature inviting you to “walk” through parts of Gaza and Southern Israel and meet the people that live there.

ISIS isn’t all that mysterious after all.

How should social movements balance broadcasting their message with winning allies? Who gets to speak for the movement? A debate on Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders. Relatedly, how particular ideologies can be used by opposing groups with troubling results.

US-made bombs are killing civilians in Yemen.

The guidelines for use of lethal force in American police departments varies, and interestingly, the Supreme Court gives officers more leeway than they often give themselves. How can changing these guidelines reduce police killings?

Journalism in Mexico is a dangerous job, not only because of cartels, but also due to police neglect.

The American army recently quietly shuttered its Human Terrain Program, which provides a dilemma: the army needs social scientists to fight wars more humanely, but many social scientists reject using their skill sets for warfare.

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