I am so obsessed with this song. I decided to do a whole post on it because I love it so much. I reminds us of God’s love and how he does everything for the good. It says “As your love in wave after wave, crashes over me”, his love is never ending it continues to flood us in a good way! It goes on to say ‘for you are for us, you are not against me.” When I first head that I was going through a little trial and I was questioning God but, when I heard this song it brought a peace over me. It reminded me that no matter what God is doing for me in my life he is on my side, fighting for me so I know his plan is for the good. Towards the end of the song it goes on to say, ” you make me brave, you called me upon the shore into the waves”, through anything we are brave because we have God on our side and his calling to get off the shore where your standing with just your toes in the water. He wants you to come into the ocean of his grace and fall into his arms because his love has made a way!

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