Only God Can Fulfill

It was Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting here wondering when my new phone is going to get here because I can’t stand having this old, cracked iPhone 5. When my dad gets home he tells me he got a call from the phone lady and she told him my phone should be in tomorrow and so of course I get so excited. However, when Wednesday come and we go up there the man tells us he cannot give us the phone until Friday. So of course I smile at him nicely and say okay but, when I get in the car I immediately get so angry. Why? Because I have to wait a whole two extra days right. So I pitch a fit and have this bad attitude the rest of the day. When I got home I got on Instagram and I saw this picture of little kid in Africa that barely had any clothes on and was happy just having a lollipop and I thought to myself wow I’m being a real brat! It made me realize that who cares I have to wait two more days. So when Friday comes we went through this very difficult process to get my phone (another story for another day lol) but, when I finally get it I’m, of course, stoked but I realize something is still missing. This phone did not make me as happy as I thought it would. This phone gave me happiness for all about 5 minutes and then my life was back to normal. I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE THE PHONE. And I’m so blessed to be able to have it but, only God can fill that place in our heart that feels empty. This world can provide nothing greater than Gods love and in that moment I realized that more than ever. You can everything in the world but, if you have a relationship with God you can feel so empty on the inside. I know this story many seem dumb to some of you but, this moment was actually a real eye opener for me. I pitched a fit over this phone and when I got it was really not much different than my other one. I also realized that that kid in Africa would have loved to have my old phone and I was even blessed to have that one! So just always remember nothing this world gives you is greater than the love of God! 

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