It feels like yesterday when I just got back from my first ever Christian Youth Conference and experienced my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. As I was lying on my bed, wondering what I could do to help shine my light in some sort of a way. I remember not really knowing what I was doing but, before I knew it my Instagram page had 10,000 followers. I knew that I was not the most qualified but then again God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I struggled with my walk with God and that made me question what I was doing with my Instagram. Like….was I really impacting people? or did I even know what I was doing? or why am I even doing this? Now of course I know those thoughts were coming from Satan, the one who wanted me to be overwhelmed by my shame and guilt. He wanted me to stop it. Like so many others, I fell into the devil’s trap and I quit the Instagram. I quit it for I would say about 8 months. The next summer, I fell in love with God all over again in a whole new way. I realized that God is always there for us, he wants a relationship with us, and most of all no matter what I had been through he still loved me. That’s when I started the Instagram back and it gained about 4,000 more followers. I praise God that he saved me on that day and that I have never looked back.

Over this most recent summer I went to this conference call MOTION at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. I got to hear amazing people speak like Robert Madu, Rich WIlkerson Jr., Dawnchere Wilkerson, Christine Caine, and most of all I got to hear amazing praise from Hillsong United. Hearing such amazing people speak and continuing to stay in God’s word has just inspired me forever. Now I am constantly uncovering new things and God is drawing me in deeper with my relationship with him. That’s when I decided to go deeper and share a lot more stuff that I was learning and the things that changed my life. That’s when I created Oceans 2 Mountains.

My first launch of Oceans 2 Mountains was great and I praise God for that!! I got almost 1000 visitors on it and I knew it was time to improve it even more. I wanted to practically share my whole walk with Christ with you guys like the devotion I use, my favorite songs, some of the sermons the changed my life, and a lot more of my favorite things. I want it to be something that you constantly look on, something you can depend on to give you truth or advice when you’re feeling down, and most of all something that can connect you closer to God in many different aspects of your life. I am not the perfect Christian, nor will I ever be. With that being said, don’t be afraid to let me know about your problems so I can pray for you. I’ve been through a number of problems and knowing that people were praying for me just gave me that relief I needed during my struggle. That’s what Oceans 2 Mountains is about. From the highest point on earth to the the depths of the deepest ocean we are covered by God’s love. This his his beautiful creation and we were put here to serve him.

Now if you get nothing out of this whole article but but one thing let it be this: THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for your support!! Thank you for giving me that confidence in my relationship with God!! I am tremendously blessed and seriously can not thank you guys enough. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I’m re launching my website tomorrow and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. Now I know I may not be speaking to the biggest crowd but, with the power of God you never know who could reach! That’s why I hope you’ll share this and let others know about my re launch because you never know who it could impact!! So THANK YOU ALL!! And oh yeah…DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE TOMORROW!!!!! The links will be in all my social media, which is below and I will post the link on here tomorrow morning!! May God bless you all!!

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